Project Management in Denmark and Sweden.
       The Øresund Bridge´s 10th aniversary. Party in Malmö 1 juli 2010. Photo: News Øresund – Johan Wessman. © News Øresund


   Business and project development. Meeting, Tourism and Travel management


Business Strategy

  We offer

   Business and project development
   Meeting, tourism and travel management

   We assist in the development of commercial businesses and  

   projects through product development, Human Resource

   management, project management, marketing and network


   The core business idea

   To support organisation through the total development 

   process, from idea to completed product or service. This

   concept includes the setting up of a business, marketing

   and promotional activities, HR-management and the

   necessary training of staff in their various spheres

   of operation. 


Project development

  Main contractor

   Work is achieved as a main contractor to the purchaser or

   in collaboration with other businesses and consultants.

   Collaborating partners are selected for their expertise and

   competence and recruited from various countries.


   The target group

   The target group includes companies planning to set up a

   business or investing in the Øresund Region (Sweden and

   Denmark and specially within Greater Copenhagen).

   Many of our clients are service companies and

   organisations within the travel, tourism and meeting


   We offer also services to companies already located in

   Scandinavia regarding expansion, restructuring or maintaing

   of activities in the region.

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